Moderate to Severe Disabilities

Moderate to Severe

Moderate to Severe specialist provide educational assessments related to student’s access to the academic core curriculum and progress towards meeting instructional academic goals, they provide instruction, and Special Education Support to students/individuals with a primary disability of autism, moderate/severe mental retardation, deaf-blind, emotional disturbance, and multiple disabilities.

We care for our Moderate to Severe Special Education Teachers

we know how much you put into your job, as being a teacher of children with special needs can be challenging while it can be physically and emotionally draining to help students with mental and physical disabilities it can also be extremely satisfying. it is rewarding to help and see them progress and succeed. At Shalom Staffing, we want to give you the benefits and rewards that you deserve, we strives to get to know you and your desires to successfully match you with the best available special education job opportunity. Shalom Staffing has career opportunities across the country for special education teachers.

Moderate to Severe Job Description

Moderate to severe specialist teaches using evidence-based curriculum through an evidence-based instructional model, plans and prepares for individual and small group instruction using data and IEP goals to drive groupings, they takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect student, equipment, materials, and facilities, they Analyze data including screening instruments, evaluation results, and observation records to develop an appropriate Individual Education Plan (IEP) for identified students with disabilities and employs a variety of instructional techniques and instructional media, consistent with the physical limitations of the location provided and the needs and capabilities of the individuals or student groups involved, the specialist evaluates pupils’ academic and social growth, keeps appropriate records, and prepares progress reports. They encourages students to set and maintain standards of classroom behavior and utilize strong organizational skills and flexibility to establish and maintain appropriate schedules for providing direct services and documentation, consultation, and professional collaboration.