Early Childhood Special Education

Early Childhood Special Education

Early childhood special education teachers work with students who have developmental difficulties, such as speech and vision problems, limited motor skills, sensory-processing difficulties, or special learning challenges, ECSE specialists focus primarily on assisting pre-kindergarten students with achieving developmental milestones appropriate to their age. Academic lessons like pre-literacy and pre-math are important, they help children learn basic skills (such as self-care and hygiene) and how to conduct themselves socially.

We care for our Early Childhood Special Education Teachers

we know how much you put into your job, as being a teacher of children with special needs can be challenging while it can be physically and emotionally draining to help students with mental and physical disabilities it can also be extremely satisfying. it is rewarding to help and see them progress and succeed. At Shalom Staffing, we want to give you the benefits and rewards that you deserve, we strives to get to know you and your desires to successfully match you with the best available special education job opportunity. Shalom Staffing has career opportunities across the country for special education teachers

Early Childhood Special Education teachers Job Description

Early Childhood Special Educator is responsible for creating an individual education plan for a child with developmental delays. They addresses the specific learning challenges of a child and incorporates the advice of other professionals who are working with the student. Most importantly, an early childhood special educator sets educational goals for a child based on his or her current skill levels. They meet parents and others to review goals and assess progress, They complete evaluative and accommodation forms such as IEPs