Mild to Moderate Disabilities

Mild to Moderate Specialist

The mild/moderate specialist teach children/youth who receive special education services for primarily academic support (i.e. children with learning disabilities, ADHD), they focus on strategies for teaching different content areas. The mild to moderate specialist teach children/youth with mild/moderate disabilities, their students usually have mild academic or behavioural difficulties, and can often be very successful with limited or moderate special education intervention, these specialists often work in resource specialist programs (RSPs) or special day classes (SDCs).

We care for our Mild to Moderate Special Education Teachers

We know how much you put into your job, as being a teacher of children with special needs can be challenging While it can be physically and emotionally draining to help students with mental and physical disabilities it can also be extremely satisfying, it is rewarding to help and see them progress and succeed. At Shalom Staffing, we want to give you the benefits and rewards that you deserve, we strives to get to know you and your desires to successfully match you with the best available special education job opportunity. Shalom Staffing has career opportunities across the country for special education teachers

Mild to Moderate Job Description

The job of a special education teacher includes assisting general education teachers in identifying and assessing children who may have disabilities or special needs, they manage and provide instructional guidance, virtual teaching and general strategies for a caseload of students, The Specialist are responsible to develop, write and help implement IEPs, Evaluate tests and assessments, complete report cards and conduct parent conferences, they need to communicate regularly with parents/learning coaches of students with special needs to insure that their IEP goals are being met, and that their needs are addressed in a timely and appropriate fashion, Consult with teachers and coordinate the implementation of specially designed instruction as defined in the IEP regarding students with specific needs and potential learning issues, Schedule, organize and conduct IEP related meetings in a virtual environment, as needed, Participate in the school’s Student Support Team; help teachers and learning coaches develop and implement program modifications and strategies for all students, mild to moderate specialist maintain accurate and up-to-date data in the school’s Learning Management System and special education software, Assist with administering state testing and coordinate the special adaptations that are required based on the IEP.