Special Education Teacher


A special education teacher is an educator who works with children of different ages who have a range of learning or cognitive disabilities, or emotional or physical problems. Special education teachers work to promote and manage the growth of their students in conjunction with their special needs. They modify the general education curriculum to make sure each student’s special individual needs are met.

We care for Our Special Education Teachers

we know how much you put into your job as being a teacher of children with special needs can be challenging While it can be physically and emotionally draining to help students with mental and physical disabilities it can also be extremely satisfying. it is rewarding to help and see them progress and succeed. At Shalom Staffing, we want to give you the benefits and rewards that you deserve, we strives to get to know you and your desires to successfully match you with the best available special education job opportunity. Shalom Staffing has career opportunities across the country for special education teachers.

"Special Education Teacher Job Description"

Special Education job description
The job of a special education teacher includes assisting general education teachers in identifying and assessing children who may have disabilities or special needs. They then adjust lessons to fit the needs of each individual child as part of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). Since they will be responsible for instructing students with a broad range of disabilities, developing IEPs is important for these teachers. One child may require the use of flashcards for sharpening math skills or focused attention on reading, while another may require a teacher to help with basic life skills, such as how to answer questions or follow instructions.

Special education teachers need to be patient, calm, organized, inspiring, and accepting. The job requires interactions with special needs children who are very different and come from all types of backgrounds. Special education students have various needs that require special attention and understanding. Good communication skills are critical in a special education career, since special needs children may have communication disabilities. These teachers also must communicate with an entire team including parents, other teachers, and counselors, who all work together to ensure and measure success.
special education teachers plan lessons, instruct children, and assign activities to children. They also grade assignments and tests, track students’ progress, and meet with parents to discuss students’ abilities and challenges they may be facing. Their students may range from having mild to severe learning and/or behavioral disabilities.